Timber flooring is the latest trend often asked for by both interior designers and consumers. The beautiful clean lines & natural beauty provided by timber flooring makes it a very popular choice. People often choose timber because of the warm, rich colours & because timber is easy to keep clean.

Timber is available in a variety of different colours, width, thickness & finishes. We do not recommend natural timber for wet areas as it can easily be damaged by excess amounts of moisture.

Laminate Flooring:

If your after an easy to DIY install flooring system at an affordable price then laminate flooring may be what your looking for. Laminate flooring provides you with the realistic look of wood & is easy to install because of the self-locking planks that click into one-another.

Laminate is a multilayer synthetic product with excellent durability.

When determining the quality of a laminate flooring it is important to consider how thick the board is and how wear, scratch & indentation resistant is the surface.

Floating Floors:

Floating floors are engineered flooring tiles or planks that are not adhered to the sub-floor. There are many styles available in various qualities, depending on a number of factors such as "wear layers" and "biscuit" (or base) quality. They are available in two main forms - Timber and Laminate.